In his letter to the Romans this morning, Paul uses the analogy that makes sense to the people of his time.  He speaks of slavery, which was seen then as a part of society. This image would be something everyone could identify with on some level.  What he says isContinue Reading

There is one God. With three distinct and individual persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father begot the Son and the Holy Spirit precedes from the Father and the Son. All existence resides within God. Heaven, hell, purgatory, and the entire timeline of existence exists fully within God. ForContinue Reading

It’s easy to get caught up in the readings and see the scholars and Pharisees as the bad guys.   It’s much more helpful if, instead of finding a “them” to blame, we try to see what it says to us in the reading.  While most of us aren’t trained theologiansContinue Reading

These readings aren’t the happy-go-lucky ones that many people like to hear. Instead, they remind us that Christianity isn’t promised an easy time.  That God is calling us to a deeper relationship, one of sacrifice and authentic self-giving.  That the key to our own judgment is in how we judgeContinue Reading

This familiar story in the Gospel often hits a nerve. This young man was a good person.  He had been living a decent life has realized that he needed something more.  Something deeper.   Jesus then challenges him to give up his money.  At this, the young man goes away sad.  Continue Reading