Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene.  Mary had at some point been possessed by seven spirits.  Demons had repressed her freedom, and they had taken her life from her.     Jesus came along and freed her from that.  Is it any wonder that the languageContinue Reading

This interesting encounter with Jesus and His “kinsfolk” in the Gospel reminds us of a very important fact.  Relationship with God changes how we live in every aspect.  He reminds us that what family we are born into doesn’t matter when it comes to that relationship, only the obedience weContinue Reading

In this morning’s Gospel, Jesus encounters two men possessed by demons. Those demons recognize him, and in fear, they pleaded, “send us into the herd of swine.” Jesus grants their request. Those swine then run into the ocean and kill themselves.      Now, we live in a farming community. TheContinue Reading

Today I want to talk a little about liturgy and the liturgical calendar.  When I was growing up as a Baptist, we didn’t have any calendar, readings, or feast days.   Sometimes I Think we Catholics take for granted the liturgical design of our worship and the genius behind it.  Continue Reading