Pain.  Suffering.  Jeremiah speaks in the first reading this morning about how difficult that can be.  All of us have gone through some sort of trauma.  Some difficult times.  Some of us have experienced a loss that has pierced us to the core of our very soul itself.  Jeremiah seemsContinue Reading

When we come to this parable of the good Samaritan, we often focus on just the people in the story.   We also could look at the location this occurred.  Jesus says the man was going on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho.  During the life of Christ, this road wasContinue Reading

Sometimes when people begin to write about the Saints, they do so in a way that makes them seem idealized. This habit can tend to leave out the character flaws of the individual while over-accentuating the holiness and virtue they possessed in their lives.   It almost seems to minimize theContinue Reading

My youngest daughter is now old enough to begin driving. We have already started looking for a program to enroll her in so that she can do so. It has reminded me of memories of my past.  When I began driving, the first thing I had to learn was thatContinue Reading

Here in the first reading for today, we hear from the book of Sirach about Elijah and Elisha.   Written between 600 and 700 years after Elijah walked the earth, it shows the lasting impression he had on the people of Israel.  He was a prophet of action, calling down theContinue Reading

Loving those who love us and returning kindness to those who shower us with gifts and praise is pretty straightforward.  Jesus continues in His sermon on the mount with the same idea as yesterday, this radical and profound love of God that doesn’t return an eye for an eye.   HeContinue Reading

It can be easy to get angry with someone who is being rude.  As a parent, I’ve learned that it is even worse when I see someone being rude to my kids or my wife.  I can often “let it slide” when it is just to me, though my feelingsContinue Reading