I was once a steward in an organization. It was my responsibility to make sure the floors were vacuumed, swept, and clean. The lights were working, the toilets flushed, the toilet paper stocked. The plates washed after every function. It was a very active job, considering it was appointed and for no pay. Each member had to go through that job at some point. It taught them that no matter who you were, you weren’t better than anyone else. It also taught them that the building was all of our responsibility, and that someone had to clean it up. After you were a steward for a little while, you usually never made a mess again. You remembered what it was like to pick up after other people.

How much better would the world be today if God could appoint each of us stewards of our particular area for a few weeks at a time? It often seems that many of us are lax in being stewards in our own homes, let alone the area we live in. Our homes become cluttered and full of trash. We collect things we don’t need. We spend the hard earned money that God has graced us with without thinking twice about it. We are supposed to be stewards in everything, not just in a few things.

So when you get up in the morning and you finish eating breakfast, wash out those bowls or put them in the dishwasher. You are a steward of the house that God has graced you with. When you get your check, give a tithe to the church, any church. I am not asking you to come to my church, or my organization. Simply remember that God has blessed you with the money and he has told you to tithe part of that money to him. Not because God needs your money, it’s already his. God wants you to give out of Love for him. He wants you to give out of obedience. He wants you to be a steward over all things, from the animals to the streets, to the environment.

Is global warming real? Some say yes, some say no. The truth of the matter is, global warming doesn’t matter. We all know we are impacting the environment by polluting it, whether or not we are warming up the globe. If we are truly Christian, and stewards of this earth, we will live a green lifestyle. Not because of any scientific data that says the earth is growing warmer, but because God has commanded us to be stewards of all things. To pollute the water, the earth, the air is simply not in the life of a Christian. To use data that says global warming doesn’t exist to give you the ‘free ticket’ to pollute all you want, is simply a way to live in sin.

Is it a sin to pollute? I belive it is. I belive everytime we throw something down and don’t pick it up, or we buy a product that was produced in a way that pollutes our environment, we do indeed sin against God. Think on it, discuss it, let me know your thoughts as well.