Just a little bad?

Dying flies spoil the sweetness of the ointment. Wisdom and glory is more precious than a small and shortlived folly. – Ecclesiastes 10:1

We as Christians often encourage our children to do the right thing. That’s part of our vocation as parents. We are supposed to be teaching them right from wrong, and how to make the right choice. Yet, today’s society seems to be teaching anything in moderation is OK. Is that really true?

When we teach our children about stealing, we tell them it’s wrong. Should we tell them, but hey if you’re going to steal.. make sure to do it with a mask on, and only steal things worth less than a certain amount so it’s not a felony? Of course not that’s absurd. We believe stealing is wrong, so we tell them not to steal at all.

When we teach our children about drugs, we tell them it’s wrong. Should we then tell them, but if you’re going to do drugs, make sure to use a clean syringe, or stick to safe things like Marijuana? Of course not. We tell them drugs are bad, and they should avoid them always.

When we teach our children about sex outside of marriage.. why then do we tell them, if you’re going to do it, use a condom? We should be teaching them to not do it at all!  Why is it clear to us that telling them that when they do it, to take precautions not to do it too much? Isn’t that in fact telling them that we expect them to do it anyway?

If we truly believe it’s wrong to have sex outside of marriage, then we should be teaching abstinence, not ‘birth control.’