When it comes to today’s Saint and Feast Day, it would be easy to speak for hours and scratch the surface. St. Padre Pio was famous not because he was a brilliant theologian or popular orator but precisely because he suffered in humility and grace. When he would say Mass,Continue Reading

Today on the feast of Saint Cornelius and Saint Cyprian, we have this powerful reminder about our faith in the first reading.  Paul reminds Timothy: “Do not neglect the gift you have.  […] Be diligent in these matters, be absorbed in them.”  That’s the thing about our Catholic heritage. InContinue Reading

Today we celebrate the birth of our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. With most other Saints, we celebrate their feast day on the day of their death. That is, we celebrate most Saint’s birthdays with their birth into eternal life. Our Mother, though, we celebrate hers on the day ofContinue Reading

Isaiah says in the first reading: “Be strong, fear not!  Here is your God; he comes to save you!” Then he goes on to list the signs of God’s presence.  The same signs that we see Jesus performing in the Gospel of Saint Mark.  Jesus does the miracles in aContinue Reading

In this morning’s Gospel, St. Luke talks about a scene where Jesus gets into the boat with an exhausted crew of men and instructs them to go back to where they began, back to where they failed all night to catch fish.   Peter admits they’re tired but then says, “butContinue Reading