Tomorrow’s first reading talks more about the Maccabean revolt.  After they finally got rid of all the things that they found to be offensive from the temple area and fought off the gentiles, these men began to rebuild the temple.  They restored some of the fine art, decorative touches, doors,Continue Reading

The Bible talks many times about the attitude we should have when we approach God in supplication. From the list in Malachi chapter one to the ‘Our Father’, each of them shows the proper way to come to God in prayer. Although it is addressed so often, many still areContinue Reading

I was once a steward in an organization. It was my responsibility to make sure the floors were vacuumed, swept, and clean. The lights were working, the toilets flushed, the toilet paper stocked. The plates washed after every function. It was a very active job, considering it was appointed andContinue Reading