It’s hard to trust when things are difficult.  As a child I was blessed with a good home.  We had more than we needed and parents who loved us.  Spanking and other forms of punishment were rare but respect was held in high esteem.  When things got rough we wereContinue Reading

A reflection on the daily Mass readings for Thursday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time (June 23, 2016) 2nd Kings 24:8-17Psalm 79The Holy Gospel according to Saint Matthew 7:21-29 When I was four years old my dad was electrocuted in the coal mines.   His heart stopped for aContinue Reading

As a man who is discerning a call to diaconate tomorrow’s first reading really speaks to me about that call.    The most amazing part to me is how skillfully Luke has worded the death of the first Christian Martyr, Saint Stephen, to show how it mirrored the very death ofContinue Reading

Tomorrow’s first reading is one of the more beautiful expressions of how important it is to realize who Christ was to the Jewish faith, the second Adam.  That’s a powerful typology that we must not miss when exploring what it means to us as Children of the most high God. Continue Reading