It doesn’t make much sense when we think of sheep as an economic value to leave ninety nine of them in the wilderness to go out and search for one single lost item.   Fiscally it would be reckless to do so.  You leave ninety nine of them without protection inContinue Reading

It’s hard to trust when things are difficult.  As a child I was blessed with a good home.  We had more than we needed and parents who loved us.  Spanking and other forms of punishment were rare but respect was held in high esteem.  When things got rough we wereContinue Reading

In tomorrow’s Gospel we see this amazingly detailed parable that speaks of a vineyard that has been leased to tenants.  It’s easy for us to digest it just as the Pharisees did by placing each of the people mentioned in context of who Jesus was and who he was speakingContinue Reading

Today’s readings are quite intense.  Since we are less than a day away from Advent it would be expected that the intensity grows, and so it does!  We see all these strong apocalyptic images of great beasts rising up and devouring, and then falling away to the next beast.  WhatContinue Reading

Such a simple line from tomorrow’s gospel.  It really triggers some thoughts from the books I am reading, the scriptures I am studying, and even some of the discussions I’ve been a part of.  It’s funny how the Holy Spirit works that way, eh?  “Take care and guard against allContinue Reading