Pull out into the deep

  Years ago I did some electrical work in a small church in Gate City, Virginia.  While we were there I met a man named Pete.  Pete was something of an oddity in the construction world.   While most of us would have said we were Christian men, many of usContinue Reading

  As we watch another devastating hurricane ripping through the islands, the church guided by the Holy Spirit reminds us of the power of prayer.  Jesus wants to come into our homes just as he did Simon Peters house in the Gospel.  Using His presence in our homes not onlyContinue Reading

  As those who are my friend on social media might have noticed, I have recently gone back to having a smartphone.  Almost a year ago I got rid of it.   Not because it cost too much money, but because it was too expensive in time and relationships.  I hadContinue Reading

Where Mary was the Church is. Where was Mary? She stood at the foot of the cross while her son paid the price of sin for all humanity. I have stood alongside Mary at the foot of the cross on Calvary. I have seen the Lord upon the cross andContinue Reading

I had just landed at O’Hare, returning from a recent business trip. I thought I would grab a coffee for my bus ride home so I headed to the Starbucks by baggage claim. There I was approached by a young lady. She wasn’t very attractive. She had a strong, squareContinue Reading

There once was a religious education teacher who asked her class to explain what the pearl of great price was. The first child answered Jesus is. Another replied God. One more spoke up, “It’s heaven!” All of these are the right answers. One by one, they went around the roomContinue Reading

It is difficult to lose someone you love. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say. Martha, in the gospel, speaks the words that burn in our hearts. Where were you? If you were here, my brother would not have died. Three days had already passed. The workers haveContinue Reading