The readings today are a powerful reminder that as Christians we cannot be people who sit on the fence.   We have to throw all our chips on the table.    There are too many out there who want to believe that all they have to do is claim the title,Continue Reading

Change is hard for people.   They don’t like it when things change.  So many times I have heard someone declare “That’s it!  I’m going to church somewhere else.”   Or the even more dramatic “I’m not going to come here till he is gone!”   That second one is often an excuseContinue Reading

It is interesting to me that the readings for today are about famine and feasts.   For the last five days, I have consumed no food whatsoever.   Instead, I have been taking the money that I would have spent to buy food for me and putting it to the side.   WhenContinue Reading

When I was in college, I worked as a computer lab assistant.   It was my job to be there to make sure that anyone who needed to use a computer not only got the chance to do so but also to answer questions and make sure it was a peacefulContinue Reading

I was going to save the following homily for a future date.   The more I tried to write the more it felt as if I were making a sermon out of it, instead of giving the message God was trying to speak to me in the readings.  So here itContinue Reading

I went on a four-day men’s weekend a few years ago.   It was a compelling experience.   During that weekend I began to realize just how much my wife meant to me.  At the end of the weekend, they had a closing ceremony.  She was there.  One of the men walkedContinue Reading

I remember an episode of iCarly in which one of the young protagonists wants to meet the “fattest priest alive.”    When they finally arrange for her to meet him before he can even come on screen, you hear the floor give way, and he presumably falls.   No one everContinue Reading