I wrote about this verse of scripture a few years ago on Myspace, and I was disappointed to find out I missed a sermon on it the other day when I stayed home to watch one of the children who did not want to attend church. She is too youngContinue Reading

Today I found out what someone was getting for their birthday, and my first thought was that I needed to top that. What could I buy that would make that gift seem pale in comparison. Then I remembered my love dare book. Even though the book is intended for relationshipsContinue Reading

How difficult it is to hold to ones resolve. We make promises to ourselves, and yes even to God, and often times we break them without a thought. Just like our news years resolutions that many times do not make it through the first month. There is a necessity inContinue Reading

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of children that are in need of prayer, well alot of people in general. I think we need to get into the prayer business. Not just say a prayer and not believe, but really take hold of our prayers and believe them. “This isContinue Reading

I was once a steward in an organization. It was my responsibility to make sure the floors were vacuumed, swept, and clean. The lights were working, the toilets flushed, the toilet paper stocked. The plates washed after every function. It was a very active job, considering it was appointed andContinue Reading

I’ve decided to start telling people, what God tells me. It’s going to be off an on because I will not post unless he tells me to. It’s not something that I am going to do when I just want to write, but when I feel driven to do so.Continue Reading