Refugee Holy Familyby Angel Valdez The readings for today could not be more apropos for so grand a Saint as Saint John Neumann.  To be a Saint means to have embodied what it is to live the Christian life faithfully and in imitation of Christ.  This Saint did so inContinue Reading

The more I study scripture, the more I realize how we humans seem to repeat the same patterns over and over.  The Israelites of the old testament consistently came back to God.. but then as soon as they got comfortable… fell off again to do other things. An endless cycleContinue Reading

We hear it constantly.  People quote to us “judge not lest you be judged.”   Their intention is that we should not judge anyone else’s sin but rather let them live however they want, and they’ll take it up with God later.  There are two flaws with this logic.  FirstContinue Reading