In our First Reading, we glimpse the early Christians’ commitment to the sacred rituals of our faith, recognizing the profound role of liturgy in shaping our spiritual journey. Through the ancient practices passed down through generations, we discover a pathway to divine encounter, where the Holy Spirit moves and breathesContinue Reading

It’s been cold lately.  Shockingly so.  Sunday morning there was frost on the cars and I needed a jacket again.  After it being almost 80 on Monday, it put us back in winter with a passion.   Then I decided to renew the tags on my clown car, now that it’sContinue Reading

Dear brothers and sisters, In the Gospel of John, Jesus speaks to us as the Good Shepherd, guiding His sheep with love and care. As we reflect on His words in John 10:1-10, we are invited to delve deeper into the profound mystery of spiritual discernment. Just as sheep recognizeContinue Reading

“Do not presume that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill.  For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke of a letter shall pass from the Law, until all is accomplished!” Matthew 5, 17-18   The Mosaic Law was given to the tribes of Israel for a couple of different reasons. TheContinue Reading

Around the year 300, during the reign of Diocletian, we find the martyrdom of our Saint for today.  Lucy was a young woman, with a vow of chastity and virginity.  She was martyred for her faith.  At some point, she lost her eyes in the ordeal.   Thus, she became theContinue Reading

Growing up in the mountains, we didn’t have any streetlights.  There weren’t many neighbors nearby either, so when we would play outside, sometimes it was pitch black.   My uncle bought us this set one time that I’ll never forget.  It was this cheap little walky-talky and flashlight combo.  The littleContinue Reading

Many of you know I didn’t grow up around here.   I grew up in the coalfields of Virginia, spending most of my early years running through the woods and climbing the hills.   My father raised a small arbor of grapes, and I remember hiding under those leaves, stealing the sweetContinue Reading