Photo by Jeremy Wheaton Today was a very somber day for me.  I watched some news reports today coming in from Washington D.C.   The March for life was still going despite the impending winter storm.   People were still sharing the witness of their faith.  They were going to make aContinue Reading

“Rachel Weeping for Her Children”(Click here to learn more) I wrote just a few days ago about how the Church goes immediately from celebrating the birth of our Savior to the death of the first Christian Martyr.    The very next day the celebrate John the Evangelist, followed by the FeastContinue Reading

Tomorrow is the memorial of the Presentation of Mary. This legend, which we have no way of knowing whether it is true or not, is only found in a apocryphal text called the Protoevangelium of James. While there is no requirement that we believe in it, it still teaches someContinue Reading

Dying flies spoil the sweetness of the ointment. Wisdom and glory is more precious than a small and shortlived folly. – Ecclesiastes 10:1 We as Christians often encourage our children to do the right thing. That’s part of our vocation as parents. We are supposed to be teaching them rightContinue Reading