I once worked with a young man who had some serious sin in his life.  If I am honest with you, I was a part of those sins from time to time.  His life had turned into one great big party that truly stemmed from a depression at the stateContinue Reading

Photo by Jeremy Wheaton Today was a very somber day for me.  I watched some news reports today coming in from Washington D.C.   The March for life was still going despite the impending winter storm.   People were still sharing the witness of their faith.  They were going to make aContinue Reading

The last few days I’ve talked about what Ordinary Time is (this post) and how that it begins to order our lives toward Christ (this post.)  That’s what our liturgy is about.  The liturgical year is ordered in a way to bring the Christian’s prayer life into a basic rhythm,Continue Reading

Fishers of Men by Kim Freitas It’s Advent!  How exciting! How beautiful!  Do you feel the change in the air?  We should.  This beautiful season is to remind us of what it felt like to be present for the promise of the Christ, the Messiah, Emmanuel!  The Jewish people stillContinue Reading

As many of you know, I’ve taken some time away from the computer for Lent; only recently returning to Facebook and blogging.  During that time I’ve tried to add some other pursuits that would help me grow closer to God.   One of the things I decided to do wasContinue Reading