I’ve written before about the time I went to the state and international science fair.  That year I put a ton of effort into that project. I practiced what I was going to say.   I memorized sections of code to be able to explain them to the judges withoutContinue Reading

In our world we tend to place people into boxes of our own creation.  We speak of what they believe, what they think, without ever experiencing that life for ourselves.  In tomorrow’s first reading we see a new series of events in St. Paul’s life that mirror the trial ofContinue Reading

In tomorrow’s reading we see Paul continuing to prepare his followers for his departure.  For a time he has been teaching them, working alongside them, joining them for dinner and fellowship.  It’s time though for him to move on.   Time for him to follow Christ where he leads, andContinue Reading

When we read sacred scripture, especially the writings of and about St. Paul the Apostle, we see such a transformative experience.  Here the man who once persecuted the Christians himself, pulling them into the streets and out of their homes, looking to kill them and destroy them; is coming toContinue Reading

The other day I posted on Facebook about how disappointed I was when the school had a celebration for Cinco de Mayo and didn’t include everyone.    I still don’t know the details of why it was all inclusive, or even offered to everyone who wanted to participate.   WhatContinue Reading

I know what the Athenians felt like in the first reading for today as Paul began to explain to them the truth of what God expected from us in worship.  For the first 13 years of my Christian walk I was a protestant.  I didn’t even know what that meantContinue Reading

The readings for tomorrow’s daily Mass are so rich and beautiful that I am not sure I can do them justice with mere words.  There is so much there, so many lessons.  The story of Saint Paul is such a powerful testimony that it should make all of us asContinue Reading