We often judge people based on our own vision of them.   I had a neighbor once who was a cranky old man.   Everyone warned me to not only stay away from him, but to keep my kids away from him too.   One day I walked over andContinue Reading

I once worked with a young man who had some serious sin in his life.  If I am honest with you, I was a part of those sins from time to time.  His life had turned into one great big party that truly stemmed from a depression at the stateContinue Reading

Many years ago, my dad taught me a lesson that I am still learning today.   He said: “Son, sometimes you have to choose your battles.”  He meant that you need to examine every situation to see if what you are about to argue about or correct someone about isContinue Reading

A man named Pilate posed the question “What is truth?” nearly 2000 years ago.    The irony of asking that question while standing before Truth itself is still echoing in our society today.  Mankind tends to think of himself as the source of truth instead of seeing it as aContinue Reading

A friend of mine reminded me of how easy it is to get drawn into the political turmoil that is being made even worse by our American mainstream media.  While not necessarily always false, too often they are simply portrayed in a way that is either negative or makes aContinue Reading

Many years ago, before my spinal fusion, I worked as an electrical foreman.  I helped supervise crews that did the electrical, fire alarms, security systems, etc for moderate size commercial installations.  Everything from Hospitals to Wal-Mart super centers.  One of the things I noticed about some foremen was the tendencyContinue Reading

In the readings for tomorrow’s daily Mass, the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas,  we continue our survey of the second book of Samuel.   In this particular reading we see King David’s response to God’s promise to him.  God has just promised him an everlasting kingdom, that David’s throne will lastContinue Reading