July 4, 2017 GN 19:15-29 PS 26:2-3, 9-10, 11-12 MT 8:23-27 It’s easy to fall back into old habits.   Especially when you get with friends from long ago or people you used to work with.  As a former construction foreman, I know all too well how the mind can makeContinue Reading

July 5, 2017 Wednesday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 379 GN 21:5, 8-20A PS 34:7-8, 10-11, 12-13 MT 8:28-34 Luigi Alois Gillarduzzi Hagar und Ismael in der Wüste 1851 It is interesting how we each react in a different way to God’s presence in our life.  SometimesContinue Reading

I remember as a young man seeing video of a volcano for the first time.  The lava was flowing down the mountain into the ocean.   When it touched the water, it roiled and exploded.   Such raw power, such destruction!   I was filled with fear that such aContinue Reading

We often judge people based on our own vision of them.   I had a neighbor once who was a cranky old man.   Everyone warned me to not only stay away from him, but to keep my kids away from him too.   One day I walked over andContinue Reading

I’ve told this story before.  The story of sitting on the riverbank of the Mississippi at the White House in Saint Louis, Missouri.   How that the sun was shinning, the birds singing, the river flowing it’s long easy strides.   That I was sitting there meditating on being thankful and howContinue Reading

I moved out of my parents home into a house they had generously given me when I was just shy of eighteen. I remember making many, many mistakes.   One that comes to mind this morning involved being in a hurry to get back to whatever I was doing butContinue Reading

In many movies we see the youth getting away with throwing a party while the parents are gone.  The party gets out of control and the house is trashed.  The parents, who were supposed to be gone a set number of days or hours, for some reason come home early.Continue Reading