I moved out of my parents home into a house they had generously given me when I was just shy of eighteen. I remember making many, many mistakes.   One that comes to mind this morning involved being in a hurry to get back to whatever I was doing butContinue Reading

There is this overwhelmingly powerful scene in the Fellowship of the Rings in which Galadriel is tempted.  Galadriel is already a powerful figure with great magic and power.   The ring though would make her even stronger, so powerful in fact she could control the entire realm.  She has thisContinue Reading

A reflection on the daily readings for June 10th, 2016. Many years ago I was in a state of limbo.   I had been Church shopping since my conversion at the age of 14.   I knew I was supposed to serve God, I knew that with all my heart.Continue Reading

In tomorrow’s Gospel we see this amazingly detailed parable that speaks of a vineyard that has been leased to tenants.  It’s easy for us to digest it just as the Pharisees did by placing each of the people mentioned in context of who Jesus was and who he was speakingContinue Reading

When I was a young man I got a job at an electrical company in the town of Wise, Virginia.  My friend Michael and I travelled around the tri-city area, eastern Kentucky and parts of Tennessee installing electrical systems.  I was thrilled to be out doing something.  I was thrilledContinue Reading

In tomorrow’s Gospel we see the king giving to each of his servants a gold coin.  Each of them receives one coin and is expected to do his best with it.  One gains ten coins in interest, and he is rewarded with being put in charge of ten cities.  AnotherContinue Reading

In tomorrow’s readings for the Memorial of Saint Leo the Great, we see an interesting statement from Jesus.  How different things are today in our society, or at least they appear to be.  In the early times of humanity slavery was prevalent and a part of life.  How difficult aContinue Reading