A reflection on the readings for Tuesday of the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time, July 5th, 2016. Hosea 8:4-7, 11-13Psalm 115The Holy Gospel According to Matthew 9:32-38 My wife and I had a relaxing and beautiful Fourth of July.  She, Moira, and I road our bikes around town a coupleContinue Reading

This morning at Mass the Gospel reminds us that even Jesus sometimes is in a bad mood.  As he walked in the morning hours, hungry and irritable, he came upon that poor fig tree.   It hadn’t produced any figs.  Granted it wasn’t the ‘season’ for figs, but that didn’tContinue Reading

The daily readings of the last days of Lent have had a definite theme to them.  From the woman caught in adultery, to Abraham becoming the father of many, to Jeremiah tomorrow lamenting his misfortune; we see a reminder that we are called to action.  Jesus constantly reminds us thatContinue Reading

In tomorrow’s reading we see the parable of the fig tree.  This sort of tree is a source of fruit, a source of nourishment for the world.  In the desert lands in which Jesus taught and journeyed it would have been seen as sustenance, life. The owner of the vineyard,Continue Reading

In tomorrow’s Gospel we see this amazingly detailed parable that speaks of a vineyard that has been leased to tenants.  It’s easy for us to digest it just as the Pharisees did by placing each of the people mentioned in context of who Jesus was and who he was speakingContinue Reading

In tomorrow’s Gospel we see the king giving to each of his servants a gold coin.  Each of them receives one coin and is expected to do his best with it.  One gains ten coins in interest, and he is rewarded with being put in charge of ten cities.  AnotherContinue Reading

Tomorrow’s first reading is one of the more beautiful expressions of how important it is to realize who Christ was to the Jewish faith, the second Adam.  That’s a powerful typology that we must not miss when exploring what it means to us as Children of the most high God. Continue Reading