June 23, 2017Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of JesusLectionary: 170DT 7:6-11PS 103:1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 8, 101 JN 4:7-16MT 11:25-30 Just a few days ago my wife and I were sitting in the garage enjoying the evening air as the sun was beginning to set.   We started listening to theContinue Reading

When I was a young man I attended church at a First Baptist Church in a small town in rural Virginia.  They used to reward us for memorizing scripture.  Free pizza hut pan pizzas, candy, even money.   The very first challenge I received in youth group was to memorizeContinue Reading

In today’s Gospel reading we have a very familiar event, one that every Christian should have heard of at one time or another.   John portrays it as the first event in Jesus public ministry.  The wedding of Cana.  It’s interesting that the Bible too starts out with a wedding, thenContinue Reading

This morning I spent an hour in adoration praying for a friend.  During that time I prayed my daily rosary with that intention in my heart while also meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries.  I was struck with a deep sense of love and mercy.  As I began to pray andContinue Reading