It’s easy to get in a rut.   Our lives go on with the same patterns and we find ourselves doing the same things over and over.  For some of us, that’s a Godsend.  I thrive on patterns.   Having a schedule of what is coming up next is ofContinue Reading

One of the worst mistakes we can do in a serious relationship is to compare the one we love with the past.  “I wish you were more like your (brother/father/mother/sister/cousin)….”    “When we were dating you would…”   “All you ever want to do is sleep, when I first metContinue Reading

How easy it is to forget the important things in life.   In the story of Martha and Mary we are reminded that some things are more important than the to do list.  Martha was running around hectic trying to get everything done that she felt needed to be done forContinue Reading

A sunset I encountered on a bike ride just recently.  A reflection on the daily readings for Friday, June 17, 2016.2 Kings 11:1-4, 9-18, 20Psalm 132Gospel of Matthew 6:19-23 The other day in a Facebook post I wrote about how much better life was now that I actually get outContinue Reading

In today’s first reading we see that King David had it all.   He was rich.  Powerful.  Handsome.   He had an entire kingdom at his beck and call. Not just that, but God was on his side.  If we were to put it in terms of today’s society, David’sContinue Reading

Every evening as part of the Divine Office devout women and men around the world pray for the Church as a whole.   They offer up their time to God for each and every one of us.   Part of that Evening Prayer involves reciting the Prayer that Mary exclaimed,Continue Reading

This afternoon and tomorrow morning Christian’s all around the world will celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem.   This celebration leads up to Holy Week and Easter, our greatest and most important celebration.  Last night as we gathered together to relive the stations of theContinue Reading