One of the worst mistakes we can do in a serious relationship is to compare the one we love with the past.  “I wish you were more like your (brother/father/mother/sister/cousin)….”    “When we were dating you would…”   “All you ever want to do is sleep, when I first metContinue Reading

There are so many times that I have been given the opportunity to be an evangelist for Christ and allowed my fallen human nature to get in the way.   I was at a Cracker Barrel with some friends.   I went up to the register to pay on theContinue Reading

My daughter knows that if she asks me for something to eat I will give it to her.  It did not matter if it was two in the morning or the afternoon, if she was hungry I fed her.   I explained to my wife that one of my father’sContinue Reading

A friend of mine lost a family member just recently.  Her mother had just passed a way a few weeks ago.  Today I attended the funeral.  It is always interesting to listen to a Mass in another language, to see the differences of culture and temperaments.  There is something somberContinue Reading